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Triple Socket with 1 power double-USB-C/A socket, 2 power sockets and universal plug

1 Power Double USB-C/A socket 12-24 V DC / 5 V DC, 3.6 A with integrated power voltage converter.
For charging and operating electronical devices that are suitable for charging by 5 Volt USB.

Input voltage 8-34 Volt, E1 certificate,
Current consumption < 1 mA. Overload protection, overtemperature protection, reverse polarity protection, short-curcuit protection, overvoltage protection at short voltage peaks.
Output current max. 3.6 A

2 Power Sockets12-24 volt, inner-Ø 21 mm, fitting for universal plugs.

Max. load 16 A. Assembled with universal plug 16 A, fitting for cigarette lighter / power sockets (inner-Ø 21 mm) and standard sockets (inner-Ø 12 mm) and with flat cable 2 x 1.5 mm2, length 2.0 m.
Dimensions L x W x H: 85 x 95 x 38 mm

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Description Art. No.
12-24 V 67345000 IV