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Family run since 1990

For over 30 years we have been developing, producing, and distributing high quality connecting systems in the 12-24 Volt range, providing customers with safe connections for on-board electrical systems in cars, trucks, mobile homes, motorbikes and boats.

Adding products, which have been especially developed for mobile applications through modern LED lighting technology as well as USB charging technology.

In year 2011 PRO CAR has acquired the manufacture of Paroli heated laminated fabrics as well as heated carpets- and mats for the mobile leisure market.
For more than 15 years, Paroli heating fabric has been used in the original equipment and retrofitting of underfloor heating in camper vans, caravans, at home and in the workplace, where it has proven its worth.

Customers’ needs and demands, and our own experience and ideas keep our company up to date and dynamic, whereupon the quality of our products has the highest priority.

PRO CAR and their business partner are exhibiting at all important national and international trade fairs, which provides us with a wide range of detailed and specific customer information and feedback.

On June 29, 2017, the German Brand Award 2017, which makes the brand succession visible, was awarded in Berlin.

The committee of experts from brand management and brand science awarded PRO CAR the Winner Prize (Industry Excellence in Branding) in the Transport & Mobility category for outstanding brand management.

Our sales programme for OEMs, industry and trade:

  • Universal and safety universal plugs 1 A – 16 A for cigarette lighter and standard sockets
  • Universal angular plugs with function control for mobile phone network and electrical accessories 7.5 A according to DIN EN ISO 4165
  • Socket connectors, twin socket connectors, triple sockets and extention cables with contacts according to DIN ISO EN 4165
  • Connectors with large socket connector (internal Ø 21 mm)
  • Custom-made assemblies
  • Hand, reading and supplementary lights and innovative LED technology
  • Electronic alarm devices
  • Charging cable with USB connector and USB sockets
  • Heating fabric 12 V-230 V for use as a floor heating in recreation vans and caravans
  • Heating mats and carpets 12 V and 230 V

Please also visit our sister company Inter BAR with 230 Volt range products.