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12 Volt Stecker, Kfz Stecker, Auto Universalstecker, Autosteckdose

Universal Plug NG with fuse, screwed strain relief

loadable up to 2 A / 5A / 7.5 A / 15 A
12-24 V, fitting for cigarette lighter (inner-Ø 21 mm) and standard sockets (inner-Ø 12 mm). With integrated, interchangeable blade fuse. Special centre contact for high current carrying capacity and low restistances.3-grip negative contact for secure hold in the socket.

Screw terminals for cables up to 2.5 mm2, adaptor that can be firmly
positioned by a bayonet catch.

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Description Art.-No.
loadable up to 2 A 67762002 IV
loadable up to 5 A 67762005 IV
loadable up to 7.5 A 67762000 IV
loadable up to 15 A 67762015 IV