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Heating fabric, 12 volt, 32 volt and 230 volt

For more than 15 years, heating fabric has been used in the original equipment and retrofitting of underfloor heating in camper vans, caravans, at home and in the workplace (office, workshop or market stall), where it has proven its worth.

The heating fabric, less than 1 mm thick, is flexible and ideally suited for heating surfaces, stone slabs, tiles, mirrors, carpets, laminate and almost all floorings, which are also designed for underfloor heating. The glass fibre fabric consists of heat-conducting carbon fibres, which generate pleasant heat within a few minutes.

Available by the metre or ready to connect, the surface heating system is available in diverse dimensions and in voltages of 12, 32 and 230 volt for industry, trade and trades and craft professions. We also offer appropriate transformers for the low-voltage versions.

The heated fabric is also used in our heating carpets and PVC mats.

Technical specifications
for standard versions, ready assembled with power cord:

Power cable assembly:
12 volt = approx. 2.0 m power cord, with universal plug
32 volt = approx. 2.5 m power cord, end open
230 volt = approx. 2.5 m power cord, with flat two-pin plug

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Voltage Output/m2 Width Length up to max.
12 Volt ca. 160 W 35 cm, 50 cm 150 cm
32 Volt ca. 160 W 60 cm, 80 cm 400 cm
230 Volt ca. 160 W 30 cm, 35 cm, 45 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm, 75 cm

Output approx. 160 watt per metre2. Please give required length to nearest 10 cm. Heating fabric incl. power cord assembly.

Voltage Width Art.-No.
12 Volt 50 cm 20105000
32 Volt 60 cm 22106000
32 Volt 80 cm 22108000
230 Volt 30 cm 25103000
230 Volt 50 cm 25105000
230 Volt 60 cm 25106000
230 Volt 75 cm 25107500